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Our Founder - Simon Lerner

I encountered the trading world during my senior year in high school at the age of 18. I am a full time trader and currently focus on day trading options.

Starting out, I was clueless on what to do - everything seemed so complicated and overwhelming. I dove into the markets without proper education and understanding of key concepts, which caused me to blow up multiple trading accounts and go through a lengthy and painful learning curve.

I managed to grasp the concepts of technical analysis, price action, tape reading and other crucial fundamentals through trial and error and some courses I invested thousands of dollars into, in hopes of finally getting my trading account to the next level.

After working with mentors and trying to become the best trader, my results got better… well, at least I wasn’t losing money at this point, but I still felt like something was missing and preventing me from advancing my results. The missing link was the mental aspect of trading. Understanding my own psychology and why I do what I do. What triggers certain emotions and reactions? How do I respond to a big win or a big loss? What are other market participants thinking? All of these questions remained a mystery, as no course or book really focused on...the psychology aspect. Of course, they mentioned it, but it wasn’t a real focus point or thorough chapter on it.

Understanding your psychological behavior and emotions is the hardest and most crucial part of trading, why isn’t this topic stressed? This is where I decided to start NetCon Trading Academy, my own trading community. I created a thriving environment where others can fill their trading gaps and really understand what goes into becoming a profitable trader.

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Our Story

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10,000 People Joined Us Since 2017

The NetCon community is a motivated, driven group of individuals who never stop learning and strive for excellence - in trading and other aspects of life. After all, everything in your life outside of trading has a direct impact and correlation to your trading performance.    

I aim to be the best as a leader possible, and work diligently with community members, helping them achieve their goals. Our community is built on transparency and vulnerability. I make our members aware not only of my winning trades, but also share the losses and lessons that come with them.

Trading has changed my life for the better. It is by no means a get rich quick scheme. This craft requires commitment, focus, discipline, great self awareness and willingness to step out of your comfort zone to try new things. I help my team expedite their learning curve by providing a clear foundation and understanding of key concepts that are a must to succeed.

Regardless of your trading experience, we have a spot for you in our rapidly growing trading community. Join us to elevate your trading

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Meet the Team

a headshot of Simon Learner founder of NetCon
Simon Lerner
founder & CEO

I'm the Founder at NetCon, a Trading Academy, working day-to-day with our students in the chatroom. My trading identity is an option scalper - mainly focusing on quickly entering and exiting positions to capitalize on a small price movement.

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Mahdi Sabbouri

My name is Mahdi, I’m 22 years old and my main trading focus is scalp trading and swing trading. I look for high volume momentum scalps along with technical swings. My main goal is to educate people on how to take money away from the big fish with consistency.


I’m a 23 year-old options trader that focuses on high probability setups with an emphasis in scalping and swing trading. I like to keep indicators to a minimum with price action at the helm of my trading strategies. My mission is to ensure all traders are properly educated on patiently waiting to take what the market provides.

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